Thursday, November 4, 2010

ARC Releases Proposed Changes to Discovery Program

They are looking for feedback on the proposals, but are planning to put them in place in time for the next round of Discovery applications in around 4 months time exactly. The main changes from what I gather are:

1. A new separate fellowship for early career researchers (ECRs).

2. The regular Discovery scheme will no longer take any special note of ECR applications.

3. "there will be revised application processes to reduce complexity, remove current restrictions on teaching relief and enable research-based creative practice proposals to be eligible."

4. All Discovery grants will be limited to three years full time ARC funding.

5. The current professorial fellowships will be replaced by a greater number (up to 70) of 2-3 year fellowships targeted at mid to late career academics.

6. "There will be greater emphasis on the assessment of the research proposal." I guess that means less emphasis on track records?

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