Friday, August 13, 2010

ANU Speed Test

Yesterday, I blogged about internet speeds within Australia and between Australia and the US from our home in Canberra. Today, as promised I'm presenting the results of the same test conducted from my office at ANU:

Within Australia, ANU has access to NBN-like speeds (at least before the new 1GBs announcement). Between, Australia and the US the speed is much lower, though much faster than what we have at home. Based on this, we don't really need the NBN but we do need better international links as Gans pointed out. Now I don't know how ANU is connected domestically or internationally and whether other institutions and businesses that need speed can get it. So maybe an argument for the NBN can be made. But not based on the data I presented here anyway unless we think individuals need the kind of speed that ANU has access to and that some market failure is preventing them from getting it.


  1. Doesn't this depend on what happens outside ANU when presumably there are a string of copper wire connections even in Australia? So does ANU access fibre optic cable all the way to the other end or not?

  2. As I said, I have no idea what their connections are - satellite, cable etc. But you can see here that overseas access is the bottleneck. Businesses that want it have got fast internet speed within Australia. Again, I don't know how affordable that is and you won't probably get this outside the major cities. 87/25 download/upload is faster than Gans local access in Boston of 51/4. But the latter was presumably his home ISP there, rather than Harvard. It would be interesting to see the numbers from the Harvard campus.

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