Monday, June 22, 2009

New Global Ranking of Economics Research Institutions

RePEc has developed a new global ranking of economics research institutions. The new ranking agglomerates economists at different departments within an institution. Previous RePEc rankings of institutions have treated each department as a separate entity. Universities like Australian National University have suffered because they have four main economics departments (!) as well as a few economists scattered around other units at the university. In the new ranking, ANU is the top economics institution in Australia, ranked 52nd globally (between the two top Israeli institutions - from one of which I got my undergrad degree). University of Melbourne is second in Australia at 70th globally. ANU ranks higher in most general rankings of universities. Economics is a relatively weak discipline in Australia.

In the usual rankings, Melbourne is the top economics department in Australia followed by the economics division of the Research School of the Social Sciences at ANU.

On the other hand, agglomerating all London "colleges" into a single number for "University of London" doesn't make much sense to me. LSE, Imperial, Kings, UCL etc. might as well be separate universities (I got my masters degree from one of them).

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